What is the Powder Room?

I like this one. A lot. And it's easy to explain and do (well, theoretically easy...)

Pick four items from a list of your favorite workouts. We've already gone through burpees, squats, pushups, and kettlebells. Now we get to throw them all together into one awesome workout using a simple pack of cards. As in:

Easy, right? Now just pick a card from the top of the deck and do that number of that exercise. So, 4 of hearts is 4 squats.


Aces? 11, of course.

Jokers... well that's up to you, but I recommend you make it something fun. Like 15 or 20.

The goal, of course, is to finish it all up as quickly as possible.

The beauty of this workout is that you can mix it up with any exercises you want. Throw in weights, do modified whatever, add in jump rope or sprints. Whatever works for you.


Happy Friday, everyone!

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