What is the Powder Room?

Your Friday Afternoon Workout

Who has one kettlebell and loves swinging it?

THIS GUY (and also this lady drawing.)


Kettlebell swings are the lovechild between awesome and pain. But damn do they activate a lot of muscles:

I know what you're saying. "But I don't own a kettlebell, so how do I do one?"

BOOM. Now, I know that it isn't the cheapest workout implement, but don't worry: the kettlebell is good for other workouts as well. It's definitely a multi-use lump of iron with a handle.


So, why the kettlebell swing? Simple: it's good for your core, it's good for your arms, it's good for your legs, and it's good for your cardio. It hits almost every major workout need you'll have, and it requires almost no space or money. Plus, that kettlebell is useful later when we get into Turkish get-ups!


I even see kettlebells on sale at Target these days. No reason not to get one! :-)

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