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Your Friday afternoon workout

In continuing with our fitness theme, I want to provide a weekly workout suggestion. Most workouts will require no more than yourself and an open space. At most, I'll incorporate a jump rope or some readily acquired free weights. Otherwise, here are some fun (hahahah... fun) workouts to add in to your routine (if you don't do them already!)


C'mon, every workout discussion has to start and end with burpees. BURPEES ARE THE BEST. They engage your core, they do wonders for your legs and arms, and they're great cardio.


And they're totally 100% free.

For those of you who don't know what a burpee is, here's a diagram showing one:

Ah, glorious. So, starting from a standing position, bend down and place your palms on the floor (you can also do it with the knuckles on a fist if you're a masochist like me), throw your legs back into the push-up position. Complete one push-up. If you cannot do a complete push-up, at least let your chest touch the floor and lift yourself up as much as possible. Return to the squatting position, stand up, and jump up. Once you land, you simply repeat from #1 again.

So now you've done one. Where do we go from here? Well, more of course! Many, many more! LOTS MORE.


My recommended "OMG I want to die" workout with burpees is as many as possible for a set period of time followed by rest. Or set a number you want to complete, and time yourself. But this is Friday, so let's do things right.

1 minute of burpees, as many reps as possible. Don't skimp on that jump!

1 minute of rest.

Repeat until you've done 10 rounds.

Fridays are the best!

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