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Wild Therapist Chase

I've been trying to find my friendly neighborhood pothead a therapist, particularly one that deals with fnp's issues, and well it's a bit of a wild goose chase. I'm forever gonna think very carefully when I tell anyone outside of an academic setting "hey, you should go speak to someone" 'cause I'm having way too much trouble finding that someone.

The doctor's recommendation doesn't take fnp's insurance. Neither do many of the therapists on fnp's insurance company's list, nor many on online directories who list fnp's insurance as something they take. A couple of commentators pointed this out back when it was announced that the ACA would expand mental health coverage and I stupidly didn't listen.


Ok, but someone has to take fnp's insurance, right? Sure, but therapists do not call back and yet their office tends to be staffed during working hours. This makes it exceedingly difficult for anyone who values their privacy in their workplace to try and make an appointment, unless they want to hide out in a Starbucks bathroom while making the call. Asking someone else to try and make the appointment won't work either, as the therapist then thinks that the patient is severely incapacitated and needs to be in some residential treatment facility.

So lets assume that the world is nice and therefore I've found someone who picked up the phone and takes fnp's insurance. Great, right? Eh, it'd be more awesome if the therapist had some training in fnp's issues. So online directories, right? Well, everyone lists a specialty in everything. Insurance directories? Almost nobody lists a specialty, so I call 'em up and they're all "nope, I don't deal with that". Apparently accurate information is way too much to ask for.

All this whining and no proposed solution? Well I can propose a don't: don't make yet another online directory, as it'll end up as inconsistent and inaccurate as all the others. Spamming mental-health professions on linked in with requests to join public local groups for their specialties would be more effective (and NO, don't do this). I propose a top down approach where the various licensing boards all contribute to one directory and incentivize their members to maintain accurate listings.

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