I really hate being a party pooper. I do. I don't consider myself a fun-hater or devoid of a sense of humor. I'm not easily offended, nor am I above laughing at basic, idiotic moments in life.

Which is why my reaction to this story floating around about the guy at Burger King buying all the pies makes me sigh.

I didn't think it was funny. Like, at all. In fact, I give serious side-eye to the A) validity of the story and B) anybody who thinks pwning a kid is something to be proud of.


Right off the bat, I'm skeptical of any story going around like this. No one can prove it, there are no identifying factors (where was this? when?) and it checks off a lot of boxes that are pretty convenient. Long line due to a newbie? Check. Rude kid on a Gameboy (was this in 1997?) with mom on the phone? Check. Perfect comeback on the spot? Check, check and check.

But let's say it did happen just as the Redditor said it did. Let's say this "kid," (and how old was this kid? 2? 8? 16? This fact changes a lot about the story depending on his answer) really was standing behind him, screaming he wanted a "fucking pie" while his mom ignored him or slopped sugar all over him while they waited. Let's say, in fact, I was in line while this was going on. Rather than turn around and tell this woman to control her child (which is NEVER a good idea, I don't care what is going on), I would think for a minute about the bigger picture.

First off, there is the absolute possibility that this is 100% an example of bad parenting and a shitty kid with a bad attitude. Absolutely. There are parents out there that don't discipline, that are lazy or worthless or trash or whatever he is implying about this woman. There are kids that are just mean as snakes, that act like assholes on the regular and have no concept of their place in the world. So yes, this is a possibility.


But there are others.

What if this kid was special needs? What if this kid has a personality disorder? What if this family has had a really REALLY shitty day and this kid just wants his "fucking pie" because literally nothing else has gone his way in his whole life. Maybe the mom has had it with his behavior and was on the phone because nothing she does seems to help. Maybe she was being nice so he wouldn't lose it AGAIN in public. Maybe this was ONE GLIMPSE at their life, and while it was a bad shot, it isn't reflective of its entirety.

If you saw me and my kids on a bad day, you could make serious judgment calls about me. No, my kids don't use the "F" word and if they act out in public, I drag their asses out of there in a hot minute. But there are times when I just can't. Or when it's been a long day filled with constant fighting or no sleep or we've been locked inside for a week due to bad weather, and you might be in front of me in line while I GIVE IN TO WHATEVER REQUEST because I just CAN'T any more. And you might say "Ugh, what a couple of brats. I'm going to punish them for their behavior and teach them a lesson."


But hopefully you wouldn't because overall, I AM a good mom, or at least a mom who CARES. And I would be willing to bet that aside from the extreme outliers, most parents ABSOLUTELY care about their kids and their behavior. Some parents have more bandwith to give than others, however, and so in cases like this, when everything looks to be going to hell, I stop and think "This shit is hard for all of us. Cut her some slack." Because we don't know everyone's story, and there's no harm in giving someone the benefit of the doubt that this one snapshot of their life represents it all.

And in the end, all this guy did was screw over some kid. Is that something really worth bragging about?