What is the Powder Room?
What is the Powder Room?

Responding to the murder killing of the unarmed Mike Brown, J. Cole released a song , titled "Be Free".

I don't know how to respond to the pain in Cole's voice. We are tired. We are mobilizing in Ferguson. We are mobilizing in Atlanta because we are tired of mainstream media's lies and embellishments. We are mobilizing in LA because we are tired of our people being beaten to death.


I am afraid that the focus will be on the few who are looting and resorting to violence, and not the fact that the police are covering up a homicide, and that they have consistently lied and obstructed this investigation since the day of Mike Brown's death. We must get justice for Mike Brown.

Even if we do get justice for Mike Brown, please know, and use "Be Free" as your guide if need be, that for the Black community, there are centuries of pain that need to be accounted for. We mustn't lose sight of the work we need to accomplish.

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