I've noticed that the media discussion (and bloggy discussion) of Rodger has been very quick to call him "white."

White male.

Young white man.

Maybe a fraction of the discussion mentions that he was half-Asian. Otherwise, he was just white. Easy, right? Not really. If he had been half-black or half-Latino (brown Latino, not white Latino, of course) he would've been black or Latino. If he were half-Muslim, he would've been Muslim. Even if he didn't practice.

But Asian? Asian is the race neuter. Nobody's "half-Asian." They're just white. This isn't a compliment, by the way— it's just as telling that we see Asian as completely neuter in someone's racial identity as how we see black as being the only identity for a half-black child.

This is actually yet another case of how racism, including toward East Asians, affects society a great deal. So much for our "post-racial" society!