Teachers are prepping for next week's school opening. Because of the dismal financial picture and ongoing uncertainty, 81 positions have been eliminated, though 64 of them were already vacant. 17 people central office staff have lost their jobs.

In other news related to this previous story, a West Philadelphia school is being sued for negligence related to a death of a 13 year old girl who was untreated for asthma. Laporshia Massey passed away after being sent home during an acute asthma attack without any medical clearance because there was no full time nursing staff at her school. More details at this link.

Finally, Tom Corbett, current governor is currently running 25 points behind Democratic challenger Tom Wolf in the latest polls. The main reason Corbett is losing? Disappointment in his education policy, partly related to the deep cuts in the educational budget across the state, which Corbett blames on stimulus funding no longer being available. Here's hoping he's finally voted out.