What is the Powder Room?

Things that piss me off about this video/book:

  • The concept, obviously. God made dad, mom, and the gay family down the street. Dumbass. Homosexual pairings in nature exist. No one in lion land gives a shit what Simba and Kovu are doing behind the bushes, and neither should you.
  • When people treat synonyms as two separate items. Teach and educate?! My God, woman! Pick up a thesaurus!!! The Lord inspired people to make them for a reason.
  • Several years back it would've been perfectly acceptable for the book to be called God made same-race Dad and Mom. To use the same arguments against other minority marriages pisses me off in a major major way.
  • While yes, it is perfectly possible for a dark-skinned dad and a light-skinned mom to have a blonde, blue eyed, straight haired, white-looking kid it's kinda rare. At least give the kid curly hair, or something! I feel like the black dad was shoehorned in to keep this story from being entirely too white and unappealing to brown conservatives (see above). I don't take kindly to being used.
  • Take some public speaking classes, woman!

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