What is the Powder Room?
What is the Powder Room?
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Today in Adorable: Nine Christmas Penguins

Well, that settles it. I have everything I want for Christmas this year.

A South Korean park hosted a penguin parade with the little guys all dressed up like Santa, elves, and Christmas trees. Take a moment to let that sink in. Tiny little penguin costumes. Who cares if Penguins are native to the southern hemisphere? I don't when they're this cute!


Telemundo Denver reports:

En Corea del Sur están celebrando la navidad con un simpático desfile de pingüinos.

Todo esto ocurre en un parque de diversiones, en Yongin, al sur de Seúl, donde el toque simpático lo ponen nueve pingüinos y su entrenador disfrazados de Santa Claus.

El espectáculo que forma parte de un actor promocional navideño permanecerá hasta el fin de año.

La presencia de pingüinos navideños en Corea del Sur cada año ya se está convirtiendo en una tradición en el país asiático.


That is,

In South Korea they're celebrating Christmas with an adorable penguin parade.

All this is happening in a Yongin amusement park south of Seoul, where as an amusing touch nine penguins and their trainer are dressed like Santa Claus.

The spectacle is part of a Christmas promotion that will last until the end of the year.

The presence of Christmas penguins in South Korea every year is already becoming a tradition in the Asian country.


South Korea, you're doing Christmas right.

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