If years of watching Romy and Michele's High School Reunion on repeat have taught me anything, it's that A) the 90s were as awesome as I remember; and B) when former outcasts revisit their torturous high school days, hilarity ensues. This is why someone needs to Kickstart this live-action Daria movie starring Aubrey Plaza ASAP.

Reaching deep within my soul to grant my greatest wish, College Humor has developed this trailer for Daria: High School Reunion, a (sadly) fake movie that brings Daria back to Lawndale, where she finds that even as people grow up, some things always stay the same. The casting is pretty great (Plaza has Daria's deadpan monotone down to an art, but Jane, Brittany, Kevin, Trent, Mr. DeMartino, and Mr. and Mrs. Morgendorffer are all pretty perfect too).

Good work, Internet. You did good. Take the rest of the night off.