What is the Powder Room?

Things I Can Promise

Hey y'all, your pal Paleo Speedwagon here, signing on from a city everyone else thinks is hilarious, which it detests in earnest. We do everything earnestly here.

I've been waiting for the perfect thing to write about in my maiden post here on The Powder Room, but perfection is overrated. To paraphrase Patton, "A good plan today is better than a great plan next week." Slay Belle needs some words, yo!


Anyway. A bit about me and my interests, and a call for requests. I love cooking - particularly the kind of cooking that you can do in batches (since I cook for moi and only moi), and cooking that is anti-inflammatory and gluten-free but also cardboard-free. I also love photography, massage, astrology (don't laugh...okay fine, laugh), organic gardening, good music mashups, and puns.

And kittehs. Because kittehs.

So here's what I can promise: whatever I post, it's probably going to be wildly different from the last thing I posted. And it will probably include an opinion or two but never a rant. And it will probably also include an animated GIF. Did I mention that I adore animated GIFs?

Of course, if there's any topic I wrote here that piques your curiosity, feel free to let me know in the comments, and I'll do my best to address it in the next post, yes?

For today: a book recommendation. I just picked it up at my nutritionist's urging. My biggest problem is how to make sure I eat the vegetables I need to eat...particularly in the winter, when basically the only things in season are brassicas, which mess with my thyroid. Suck it, brassicas!


"You need this book," my nutritionist says. So I buy it. Because I'm that kind of client. Seriously. Such a schmo.


But this book! This book is good! If you're looking for a way to shoehorn vegetables - particularly the more challenging ones - into your diet, the magic word is "sauces." It doesn't matter if you're eating a carrot or a parsnip when it's covered in a savory coconut curry or a tangy parsley sauce.

So! All that said, hi!

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