What is the Powder Room?

The Ship of Fools is Us

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but the message needs to be made: we as a society stand on a precipice and we cannot be allowed to fall because of the evil and scared.

Remember when the Jewish refugees were all evil Nazis and the world turned a blind eye to them? Remember when the Jewish refugees were all evil Nazis and the world turned a blind eye to them?And people wonder why I, as a Jew, am so heartbroken to listen to people indict Syrians and other Arab refugees as boogeymen? It’s because I know I’m next. Sure, I’m not a Muslim myself, but plenty of my father’s family is, and worse yet: I’m Jewish. Even if I’m not practicing, who cares? Plenty of non-practicing Jews were sent to their deaths in the 1940s.

We need only be perceived as the enemy to be the enemy.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” We cannot be silent. We cannot be afraid.


Crime has dropped precipitously since the 90s, and yet we as a society grow more fearful. And yeah, you know what? I’m looking at this site and others too: fear mongering is part of the MO of the media as a whole. It’s good money, too: “is someone ready to hurt you? Find out after the page break!”

Peddling fear and worry of boogeymen around every corner. Scaring people to worry about everything under the sun. We live in a society ruled by fear instead of hope. Even as we grow objectively safer, we grow subjectively more afraid.

Well, enough is enough. We need to stop worrying and start doing good.

I would rather die protecting the well-being of thousands on the off chance that one is evil than watch as thousands die because I’m too chickenshit to do the right thing. So many Americans speak of Christian charity and morality. Yet so few seem willing to actually act on that charity.


Those who stand for a nativist campaign are now standing with the same people who gleefully took away Japanese possessions in WW2, promising to return them, only to never return them. For fear of “Jap reprisal” and the mythical “Jap spies.” Trump once again beats the drum of anti-Asian sentiment (China and Japan were targets). Dog-whistle politics at their best, folks. I said that after blacks and Latinos, Asians were next. And he proved it. How much longer before the old “Jews as evil financiers” horseshit gets trotted out? Oh wait, it already is being trotted out by the alt-right, one of Trump’s strongest bases.

Want to know why I’m angry and hurt and scared? Because after the current boogeyman is exhausted by the hatemongers I’m next and I know it. And I know that no ship will sail for me or my family.

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