Kirby Delauter, a Frederick County Maryland council member, does not want you to use his name. The Frederick News-Post gave a brilliant takedown of his untenable position, and have opened up a new game for us to play: finding the right anagram for Kirby Delauter so Kirby Delauter doesn't sue you for using his, Kirby Deauter's, name without Kirby Delauter's authorization.

The News Post brings us some delightful anagrams for Kirby Delauter. Their choices include "Rebuked artily," "Bakery diluter," "Keyed rural bit," and "Brutelike yard." In the spirit of respecting the wishes of Kirby Delauter that we do not use the name Kirby Delauter without Kirby Delauter's permission, I would like to present seven additional alternatives, all anagrams for Kirby Delauter, so we never have to say Kirby Delauter again.

7. Break it rudely

The journalists who irresponsibly used Kirby Delauter's name without the permission of Kirby Delauter broke the story quite rudely indeed. I like that this anagram would show some humility on the part of the person who avoids writing the name Kirby Delauter.

6. Bake dirty rule

They see him baking, they hatin', as a rule they want to catch Kirby Delauter baking dirty. The scansion could use some work, but I blame Chamillionaire.


5. Durable yet irk

There is no doubt that Kirby Delauter is durable. He stands strong against the use of his name without permission, a sure sign of durability. Yet in the course of being durable, Kirby Delauter has certainly been irked. I know that feel, Kirby Delauter. I know that feel.


4. Brayed like rut

Surely some joke can be found about Kirby Delauter and the words "bray," the sound a donkey makes, and "rut," which someone overly obsessed with the use of Kirby Delauter's name might be in. I just can't find it.


3. Bald ire turkey

Humans are the hairless - that is, bald - ape. Let us use this anagram to avoid rousing Kirby Delauter's ire, as we would flee the specter and hilariously terrifying sight of a bald turkey.


2. Larked by uteri

Kirby Delauter is certainly someone on whom uteri have played some kind of mischief. What that mischief is, only Kirby Delauter knows.


1. Adultery biker

I have no idea what this one means, but it surely cannot offend Kirby Delauter. I have no reason to suspect he rides a motorcycle at all, after all.