What is the Powder Room?

No Really, the GOP is Getting Crazier, and Here's Proof

Holy shit.
No, seriously.

You’re at dinner, and your obnoxious conservative relative says, “BUT THE DEMOCRAT HOUSE IS SO LIBERAL.” You know it’s BS, you know the Dems are blandly semi-liberal, and you know your relative is full of shit. But you can’t really show them how wrong they are.

Someone did the work for you! The Democratic Party is NOT getting more liberal by any measurable degree, but the GOP has gone absolutely off the rails since Atwater:

So, what does this mean? Well, basically that the narrative that the Democrats are “intransigent commies” is basically false. The GOP has pulled so far away from the center that there is literally no compromise possible. Northern Dems are pretty consistent in their positions, and the Southern Dems basically became Republicans (as we know) pus hinging the GOP further right.

Also, where Democratic liberalization is slow and fairly unimpressive, the GOP’s rapid movement right essentially guarantees gridlock. Where the GOP was once a center-right party, it’s now a far-right party. Is it any wonder that they continue to fail to provide reasonable policymaking, then?

So yeah, at least now you have some fun graphs to make your point for you.

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