So scientists have figured out how to basically infuse goats with spider DNA, making goats whose milk can make super strong spider-type silk. No word on whether or not the goats have decided to use their powers for good or baaaaad.

According to a radio segment from Southern California Public Radio, scientists at the University of Wyoming have managed to mix golden orb spider DNA with standard dairy goat embryos. They do this by isolating the silk production gene from the spider then and injecting it into a goat embryo. The embryo absorbs the gene and incorporates it into the goat's normal milk production DNA. All that's left is to inseminate the embryo, raise the goats, milk them, and skim the protein from their milk the way one would harvest curds.

Spider silk is incredibly strong and possible applications include prosthetics, bullet-proof vests and human skin.

Think about that for a second.

It sounds like the plot of a B-movie called Terror Kids, where the world becomes swarmed with man-eating spider goats. Spider-goats that can craft their own severed limbs or disguise themselves to look like any human imaginable. Spider-goats with bullet-proof vests.


BRB—off to write the next Sharktopus.

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