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The Culture of Fear Strikes Again: Couple is Found Guilty of being Not Guilty

I wrote about this in 2014:

So, basically, I said, "a couple today letting their kids walk home alone or be outside without parents is now a crime in some places." Some said I was wrong. Turns out, unfortunately, that I'm still right:


Let me make something absolutely clear here: I do not think this is yet common. But it's very disturbing that this even happened. The only way this could even be considered okay is if we had a culture that encourage those charged with "protecting" children to be paranoid about unknown dangers. And we do.

Let me say this again: we are safer than we've been since our parents were kids. Hell, we're safer than we were when WE were kids. Yet people feel less safe than they did when things were worse.

This is a serious problem. By telling children they should be scared, they cannot possibly grow as independent people. This kind of "helicoptering" by society is unhealthy and unwarranted.


I know people are going to say that I'm blaming them— I'm not. I'm blaming us all. We're all too afraid. We're all steeped in a culture that tells us that it's right to be afraid. And the fact that we are punishing people with "being guilty for being not guilty" further demonstrates that. We want to be afraid for the sake of it. It's time that we stopped. Again.

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