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The Culture of Fear Strikes Again

Time to hop back on my soapbox about stranger danger and the culture of fear! I like it up on this box. It's fantastic.


Interesting blog post from a mother who was on the receiving end of the culture of fear. I recall on my past article about the subject people told me that it was insane to imagine that we would see people arrested or reported for letting their kids play alone and "unsupervised." Nope. Here's one such example.


This isn't even a "she left her kids alone at the park!" situation. It's a case where the child was within earshot of the front door.

One thing I find interesting that the author didn't touch upon is how the mother was subjected to more of the bullshit than the father. The basic assumption here being that women are culpable for children's well-being, while fathers are simply "there." This not only punishes the women for not being perfect according to whatever the prevailing wind is, it makes fathers non-actors in the rearing of their own children. Bullshit all around.

I repeat what I said in my last post on this: stranger danger/culture of fear-type thinking is bullshit and it hurts all of us. It's one thing if there's demonstrable danger in a neighborhood, but in a privileged cul-de-sac residential neighborhood where kids can't play, the greatest danger is the meddling of "well-intentioned" do-gooders. We need to all work to override the social message that we are constantly in danger at all times no matter what we are doing wherever we are. It is hurting all of us.

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