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The Coral Ridge Mall Shooter was White. The 911 Call Reported Black

Last night in Coralville, Iowa, a security guard fired for sexual harassment came back to the mall and shoot a woman to death, killing her because she had been the most recent reporter of his behavior.

The shooter, Alexander Kozak, is white. But that’s not what was initially reported to police. The Iowa City police activity log reports that the shooter was initially reported as a “BM BLK SHIRT” - that is, a Black male in a black shirt.


Doesn’t seem like an easily made mistake under any circumstances. The chaos of a high intensity situation like a shooting, however, can do weird things to memory and recall when reporting events - which is a good reason for police to try and investigate before going in guns blazing, as they did in cases such as Tamir Rice’s.

The Iowa City and Coralville police appear to have investigated, rather than taking the initial call at face value. It’s fortunate, but it speaks volumes about the way policing in this country works that I have to describe it as such.

Below, you can find a screencap of the police report. The photo of Kozak comes via the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

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