What is the Powder Room?

Some insight into why video games have terrible attitudes


First of all, may Lucasarts rest in peace. It was one of the few developers that clearly wasn't brotastic with brorific bronergy. It made some great games, some awful games, but what it mainly made was games for people who enjoyed fun stories and fun challenges. It's a real pity to see it go.

One thing stood out to me though about the industry, and why it's so awful with regards to women. It's kind of funny that I hadn't realized this earlier.


This article on the Penny Arcade Report hits the nail on the head with how so many game devs never mature: "I've talked to too many people in this industry to wonder why so many of our games feel adolescent; many of the artists who make the games are given a job, they begin to live at the studio, the hours grow long, they cease to grow as human beings, and they're stuck with the same influences, passions, and sense of humor they had as a teenager."

Unfortunately, without a major overhaul of the industry allowing people time to explore other interests and studies, the expectation that the AAA titles will "mature" is diminished. Yet another reason to hate our workaholic culture, I suppose.

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