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What is the Powder Room?
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Single women emerge as large home buying demographic

Here's an interesting story I heard on the way home today on NPR: http://www.npr.org/2013/04/22/176…

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It may be a buyer's market somewhere, but it sure as shit ain't one wherever you're at. Also, apparently women love homebuying according to stock photos. Almost as much as they love salad and yogurt.


According to NPR, women have become the second largest home buying demographic next to married couples, and "Their share is second only to married couples, and twice that of single men."

While I'm skeptical of the "goodness" of homebuying in and of itself, this shows how much behavior can be determined by legislation and social mores alone. When people say that a group does something because "bullshit inherent characteristic," it's great to show them data like this that demonstrates how the same arguments were made in the past in different circumstances (and were bullshit back then as well.)


It also goes to show how much economic behavior in general can be managed through simple legislation (restrictions or reduction of restrictions.) This goes against the pseudo-Friedman types in the GOP who think that nothing good can come of government involvement in the economy.

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