In one of the more depressing things I've read since ever, here's the main crux of why network execs argue that they don't want female audiences, as told by Paul Dini to Kevin Smith:

"Dini recounts conversations he's had with execs who insist that they don't want any girl fans of their shows, because girls don't buy toys. And to keep girls from watching the shows, they make sure that girls are always presented as sidekicks, "one step behind the boys." It's absolutely infuriating."

So, basically, we don't sell things to girls because they don't buy things we don't sell. So therefore we can't have girls in our audience at all.

And the "nerd" community says that there aren't serious problems for women? This kind of institutional bullshit is exactly why so many women continue feeling uncomfortable enjoying these products, and guess what? That's exactly what the makers of lots of these products apparently want.

Guess what, nerd product makers: I don't buy your bullshit toys, either. You had better find a way to exclude me, too.

h/t to Boing Boing and Cory Doctorow.