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New Taekwondo uniform for women brings in sexiness where none is needed

Because martial arts needs to be "sexy" to succeed, here's a new proposed dobok for the World Taekwondo Federation. The real fun is in the objectives of the new uniform design (emphasis all mine):

1) Renew the female Taekwondo image and make a better difference between the male and female categories.

2) Adapt the modern fabrics used now in sports to Taekwondo.

3) Ease and release the body movements in Taekwondo

4) Adapt the latest medical and computer technologies applied to fabrics.

5) Improve Taekwondo image in the TV and press.

The designer really showed himself to be a pal when he said (and I'm just hoping the translation is shitty. I'm really hoping.)

4) Sometimes, for amateur spectators, it is difficult to differentiate if it is a female or male combat. With these new models, the categories will be easier to differentiate. It is also important the competition in other martial arts like Judo and Karate.

5) The most important reason is to take a better advantage of our female competitors because they are a treasure. It is important to show that practicing Taekwondo gives good health, helps to stay fit and gives a beautiful body shape. This last issue must be exploited and must be used to promote Taekwondo in this specific moment, after the success in the Olympics and a great World Championship, to attract television and mass media interest.


If you think that maybe I'm taking this out of context and really can't believe how absurd this sounds, here's the source: http://en.mastaekwondo.com/2013/08/female…

This is just... ugh. Firstly there is absolutely nothing wrong with the current unisex dobok, other than maybe we can use better materials or change the seams for better movement. This kind of change is absolutely unnecessary. The status quo is already pretty quo.

More importantly, this kind of mindset is the kind of shit that makes women feel like they aren't seen as equal members of the community when we're trying to "exploit" their "body shape." No. We should be trying to show how well they fight, regardless of gender or age.

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