What is the Powder Room?

It's Friday again, and that means another trip back to your innocent days, when boogers were the grossest thing you could think of, and you weren't entirely sure what genitals were for.


This installment is all about fashion. What clothing item made you want to ditch the playground and strut your stuff on Rodeo Drive?

My earliest foray into (what I thought was) haute couture was—

the slap bracelet:

From the word "go," I was madly in love with slap bracelets. One part toy, and one part trendy jewelry? Yes, please! It was the one time that I felt like I actually fit into the preteen world of faux pas and trendsetters. I had two or three of these bad boys in neon colors that I layered on a single wrist. They were cheap, they were fun, and they lasted longer than the trend itself. Oddly enough, when my mom found one of these at a dollar store in the year 2000, I was still willing to don it in opposition to good taste: I wore that leopard-print piece of crap for at least two years in defiance of everything fashionable.


I would say my second-favorite love in this category was the much-reviled skort:


If a skirt and a pair of shorts fucked each other, and the skirt didn't pull out on time, the result would be this weird progeny: the skort*.

With the feminine chic of a skirt, and the practicality of shorts, this garment had its heyday in the early to mid nineties. Of course, growing up in small, rural area of South Carolina, I didn't even start wearing this bad boy until 1996. Needless to say, its time in my closet was not long-lived. But the very first time I wore this on the first day of seventh grade, I sincerely felt like my social life was finally going to change for the better. Little did I know that none of my peers knew who I was at that time, nor did they care the slightest bit about what I did or what I wore. Sorry, purple skort. You did your best.


Now it's time for you to chime in. What was your most beloved or coveted piece of clothing in your school years? Share it in the comments!

Header image via Photobucket. Slap bracelet image via QZ.com/wordpress. Skort image via SammysChifforobe on Etsy.


*My boyfriend didn't initially like the image that I used for the supposed creation of the skort. I won him over by positing that "no one would have made something like that on purpose." He couldn't disagree with that.

EDIT: As an aside, speaking of clothes that I seriously miss, if someone knows Rob Bricken over at Io9, tell him that I would really like another Topless Robot shirt if he still has one molding away in a box somewhere; I lost mine in an apartment fire.

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