What is the Powder Room?

Have you ever wanted to travel through time? Well, you don't need a spunky, aspiring teen rock star, or a rich, eccentric scientist to make that happen. On "Marty McFriday"s, we'll be discussing the most memorable items and moments from our school days: you'll comment like it's 1999...again.


In our inaugural edition, let's talk about something every kid loved—toys. What was the toy you wanted SO HARD as a kid?

As is probably the case for most kids, I always wanted what I definitely couldn't have. In this case, the thing I reached toward that exceeded my grasp most was the Barbie Power Wheels Jeep.

We had a lot of toys when I was little: some were actually ours, but most were just toys that my stepbrother was sick of, that we then got to play with (like the Ninja Turtles figures with articulated hand and foot joints— score!). What we had the most of were Barbies, which we played with religiously. But because my grandma was the one always buying us the pricey Barbies, things like a Power Wheels car were certainly on the list of "never gonna happen" items for our blue-collar family. By the time my step-cousin actually did get the Barbie Power Wheels Jeep, I was way too big to ride in it. Those things are made for 6-year-olds, not pre-teens who desperately want to feel middle-class by cruising in a plastic, electric sticker-buggy. I remember feeling simultaneously jealous at watching her ride in it and lucky that I even got to see one scoot around.


So what about you guys? Wishing Trolls, Lite Brite, Furbies? What was your heart's desire (fulfilled or otherwise)? Leave your favorites in the comments!

Header image via Entertainment.ie. Jeep image via Mashable.

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