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Lucky Bastard Syndrome

Researchers found that a little under half of all college aged men have had "unwanted sexual contact" and that the perpetrators were overwhelmingly female. The abstract is amazingly clear on this:

Over 4 in 10 participants (43%) experienced sexual coercion: more specifically, the participants reported: verbal coercion (31%,n86), seduction coercion (26%,n73), physical coercion (18%,n52), and substance coercion (7%,n19). Rates were comparable across high school and college students. Racial differences were found such that Asian participants reported significantly lower rates of sexual coercion than Black, White, and Latino participants. Ninety-five percent of the respondents reported women as the perpetrators; participants also described internal obligation, seductive, and peer pressure tactics in descriptions of coercion experiences.

French, B. H., Tilghman, J. D., & Malebranche, D. A. (2014). Sexual Coercion Context and Psychosocial Correlates Among Diverse Males. [Full Text]


Bill Maher mentioned this research on last night's "Real Time". Unfortunately, it was in the sorta segment that straight up perpetuated the myth that all men want sex all the time. Where women get slut-shamed, men can't because the double standard says that they're always sluts.

(via Kick! Making Fun of Politics)

The video hits on all the male victim tropes: the victim's masculinity is called into question, the victim is told to be happy about getting laid, and the narrator talks about being desperate enough to sleep with someone vastly unsuitable. It ends off by calling male victimization "Lucky Bastard Syndrome"

So, where's the outrage? Like if all his staff had gone completely off the bend and made a genderflipped version of this where all women were always horny, the internet would be calling for his head. Instead, there's a mention on TVTropes and a men's rights forum. Like we've gotta do better than this. If we want people to be horrified at the idea of making light of female victimization, it's only fair that we should be equally angry when male victimization is dismissed as being awesome.

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