What is the Powder Room?

So we can all agree that educating young women is a good thing, right? Cool.

Now that that's out of the way, did you know that millions of young women all over the world miss school every day? There are, of course, a variety of reasons. Violence against women, violence against everybody, the never ending pursuit of potable water, taking care of younger siblings, the monthly discharge of blood and other tissue from the uterus.


*record scratch* Wait, what?

As many as one in ten young women in Africa miss classes or drop out of school completely due to their period, and many others use unsafe and ineffective materials in an attempt to be able to leave their homes and seek their education. 67 million women lack basic sanitary needs for their periods.

I don't know about you, but I am never complaining about my cramps again.

So here's the good news: there's a variety of nonprofits that exist to help combat this problem in both Africa and India.


The great news: there's a company called Thinx that'll send seven pads to girls who need them to stay in school for every one pair of undies you buy.

The even better news: the underwear is super high tech, boasting anti-microbial and stain-resistant qualities as well as an absorbent layer and a leak-proof layer that mean as your purchase ensures a girl's period doesn't ruin her education, yours won't ruin your new white pants.


The BEST news: the underwear is actually pretty freaking cute. There's little lacy, feminine details and a variety of styles depending on if you are having a heavy day or a light day or OH GOD WHY DO I HAVE A UTERUS day.


And while these certainly aren't your "5 for $20 bargain bin at Target" undies, the crazy tech they boast and the mission of the company more than make up for the heftier price tag, in my humble opinion.

So the next time you reach into your purse or medicine cabinet or secret portal to infinite space to grab a pad or a tampon or a Diva Cup*, think about chucking some money at Thinx for some cute underthings. I never had to worry about missing school because of my period (though sometimes I really wanted to). Nobody else should have to, either.


*HAHAHA you thought I'd forgotten you, didn't you?!? Nope, I was prepared for you ladies to come here and shout at me in the comments, but I beat you to it.

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