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Kids' "UP" Experience Is More Traumatic Than Expected

Instead of talking dogs, tropical chocobos and adorably grumpy old men, three kids were injured when the bounce house they were playing in was blown over 50 feet in the air by a gust of wind.


Photo via National Geographic.

In South Glen Falls, NY two young boys (5 and 6) and a girl (10) were playing in a neighbor's bounce house when an incredibly strong wind ripped the inflatable playpen off its stakes and into the air. According to the South Glen Falls Post-Star the girl suffered minor injuries falling from a lower height, but the two boys were carried up 15 feet before they fell. One boy suffered a severe head injury when he landed on a car. As of Tuesday night he remained in a medically induced coma. The other-also hospitalized- hit the pavement breaking his arms, jaw, orbital socket and possibly rupturing his spleen. Both are in stable condition.

After soaring over 50 feet in the air, the treacherous house landed at a middle school three blocks away. The Post-Times states a lawyer from Little Tikes, the maker of the bounce house, has contacted the police about inspecting the toy.


There is a picture of the flying house accompanying the NPR story I shamelessly ripped off used for research, but seeing as proceeds from photo rights fees are going to pay for the boys' medical bills I will decline. Instead, here's a happier picture of National Geographic's real life recreation of the house from UP.

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