What is the Powder Room?

Jezebel Craft Corner

I'm an avid crafter. I do stuff! I knit and crochet(mostly crochet); I etch glass. I cook, I bake, I make ice cream. I sometimes make things that are glittery, I sometimes make things that are twee, I sometimes make things that are completely useless in the world- but when boiled to it's simplest iteration I make things.

To me, making things is one of the most self satisfying and freeing activities there is. Making things makes me feel human. It allows you to surround yourself with items that make you happy- in the colors and styles and themes that make you happiest. It conserves money- why spend your hard earned cash on a set of Game of Thrones shot glasses when you can make 'em yourself?(and I have. I have a full set of GoT shot glasses and beer pints. All the houses I want, for pennies on the Etsy dollar.) Making things can also connect you to your community in ways you may never have imagined. Everyone knows that a homemade item is a wonderful gift, there are thousands of charities that think so too. I'm currently making a rainbow afghan to be auctioned for a marriage equality rally.

There have been a number of discussions recently on this blog about women who craft and the various feminist issues surrounding the Craft-o-sphere(From slighted entrepreneurs on Etsy, to Freudian Pinterest envy) I want this section to become a running theme. I want input, I want feedback I want participation. I have started a brand new E-mail just for you:


Drop me a line! Tell me what you want to see featured. Do you want a Middle Eastern Recipe forum started up? Needlecraft discussions? Do you want to showcase a crazy involved Pinterest project and crowd source tips and tricks? I'm starting to learn how to fix my car, but I know there are mechanical Jezzies- we can start forums on Home and Auto repair.


Comments? Suggestions? This is my first and I'm learning!

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