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Is Ronda Rousey bad for Women's UFC?

Interesting article on Slate here:

The article touches on a lot of interesting questions about women's fighting. From the fact that there are relatively fewer women of the skill level required to be fighting at a legitimately high level, to the fact that very few women meet the insane requirements placed upon women to be considered "good" fighters, it remains an uphill battle for women in the UFC.


It's interesting to note that Rousey herself has been rather shrewd in playing her position, being careful to balance her physical stature to meet the "Maxim" requirements while also remaining competitive in her weight class. While many of the male fighters will pose for magazines, it's arguable whether any of them are cutting to look sexy for endorsements.

I also doubt that GSP or Machida or Liddell have ever concerned themselves with having beautiful hair. They do have to be symbols, but not in the same way.

I don't agree, however, that Rousey is "bad" for the sport. She's a good shit talking, hard fighting warrior who brings skill and panache to the octagon. The skill level will rise up to meet her. In the old days, nobody thought anyone would be the Gracies, and now they're just a historical note. Rousey brought up the women's divisions, but she's not the end of them. Not by a long shot.

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