What is the Powder Room?
What is the Powder Room?

The Powder Room is Jezebel's subblog devoted to highlighting the best writers from its vast commenter ranks. Unlike topic-specific sub-blogs, The Powder Room is 'general interest', which means we publish posts on a variety of topics, serious and non-serious, gif-heavy and gif-free. Over the past year we have run articles about choosing a martial arts discipline, sex trafficking on Facebook, talked about The Duggars, the on-going Game of Threads series, parental abuse, spent some time analyzing horror movies, hosted numerous Ask A Blank conversations, watched The Women together, and collected the best table flipping gifs around.


The authorship list for the Powder Room is limited – this is only the second open call for contributors I've held since the blog's inception. Several of our writers have moved on to other things, opening up spaces for new voices and viewpoints.


What is Slay looking for in potential authors?

  • Since the aim of PR is to highlight the 'best' commenters, you should have strong writing skills, the ability to craft a coherent post, and require little editing. I am available to the writers on the blog for advice and help if wanted, but will not be editing your posts.
  • You can commit to publishing one piece a week.
  • You must already be member of the Jezebel or Kinja community. This is a Jezebel subblog – the aim of this project is to promote our amazing commenters.
  • An ability and interest in responding to comments on your pieces, and the wisdom to know when not to bother. (The second part can be learned!)
  • You do not need to be Serious Feminist Academic to write for The Powder Room. I want to emphasize that I'm interested in showcasing a variety of voices. That applies to both the topics written about and our authorship list.
  • Are you already blogging, either here on Kinja or offsite? That's great – we support cross-posting.

There are a limited number of authorship slots available. The exact number will be determined by the quality of applicants and the number of returning authors from the current roster. There is no end date to the application at this time, but since the slots are limited, it's better to contact me sooner rather than later. I will update this post when I consider the process closed.

Interested? While you can leave a comment on this post, the best way to get my attention (and assure you don't get lost in the comment shuffle) is to email me at commenters@jezebel.com with the subject line "Powder Room Application". Make sure you included your Jezebel commenter name, introduce yourself if we don't already know each other, and let me know what you're interested in writing about. If you have a blog, give me a link! If you have writing samples – even just comments you're particularly proud of – link me to them!


To be clear: Participation in The Powder Room is voluntary and not compensated, but it does come with the advantage of the Jezebel platform and no pesky unique views requirements.

Slay is the curator of The Powder Room and the owner of Groupthink. You can often find her puttering around in the comments.

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