Shutting up is good. Sometimes I don't know when to do so, and this is a good lesson in when I should have. Knowing when you don't actually have anything helpful to say is even better. Alas that we so often miss that lesson completely...

Let's just say this much: everyone that was critical of "allies" is, in my current opinion, pretty much right. And I was mostly wrong. I still believe that we should court support for any cause wherever we can, but let's be real here: if being told that you're wrong and to shush is enough to get you to change your views you probably suck anyway and are one of those awful fence-sitter voters anyway.

So, here's me saying: I was wrong, and I should go buy a saddle. Because I didn't see that I was the horse's ass in this case.

Let me explain why I think I'm wrong and how I arrived at the decision to now doing the cardinal American sin of flip-flopping. Really, it's because I didn't understand what made people so angry. So, when you actually read past, "hey, this shit ain't all roses!" you realized that the problem people had was that the system is still, despite improving, only improving because the system said it was allowed to improve. In other words, nobody is getting what they deserve because people saw a disenfranchised person making their case, but instead because a representative of the status quo told them to.

Let's put this in graph form!


We made gains going from C to A, right? Things are 5 units better, in fact! B is a whole 8 points better! But wait, what lies beyond A or B? We don't know, because we don't even consider that the curve itself can shift. Or that the shape of the curve can be different. We're still working within the safe, comfy confines of the existing optimum, and the "shift" we've made is still being made by someone who is granted "shifting powers" because he exists outside of the curve, in the magical land of "status quo." You don't get to shift anything, though. You live inside the curve.

So people, despite maybe getting a gain, still feel powerless.

And that's what I'm thinking here.

So yeah, "allies," let's shush. We exist in a different status quo, and for us, what's the worst that happens? Shit stays the same and awesome? Instead of saying, "Hey, it's great that people are doing good things!" let's instead say, "that's great, but how can this be even better?"


And that's why I've changed my opinion. Because I have the privilege of doing so.