What is the Powder Room?

So, yeah... I know. I've been pretty negligent in providing content for here.

I'm trying to change that, though, and I want feedback on how to do it. Here's the problem: my life is pretty narrow right now. Work, training, occasional media consumption, and whatever little time I have left for my online habits.

So to that end, I've decided that the best way to consistently write is to write about things that are relevant to my life at the moment. Here are the topics I'm proposing as a regular installment:

1. Fitness (as a general topic, including actual training, musings, personal anecdotes, and the politics surrounding it.)


2. Martial arts (you had to see this one coming)

3. Media, mainly TV, film, and video games

... and that's about it.

Also, if nobody chimes in, fitness is the default topic. So save yourselves! :-P

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