What is the Powder Room?

Guns Don't Kill People. Shopping Carts Roleplaying as Guns Do.

Winona, Minnesota is where I went to college. It's not somewhere you usually hear about in the news, though, because it's usually your garden variety Midwestern weird. I'm just saying I could tell a few stories.

What brings Winona up today, though, is a particularly unusual moment of weirdness. Last time anything so weird happened there, it involved a man on drugs smashing television sets in the local Target while "walking like Frankenstein['s monster]" and saying in a monotone "hammer hammer hammer...."

This time, a bullet was fired in the Winona Wal-Mart. Now, I use the passive voice here for a reason. It is not to remove responsibility from the person who fired the bullet as you see in other passive constructions like "mistakes were made" or "the gun went off." And the reason I do that is because there was no gun, and no person fired the bullet. The bullet was fired in pretty much the most passive bullet-firing way you can imagine.


As it turns out, the bullet was fired by a shopping cart. Bet you didn't see that being the beginning of the robot uprising. I didn't. Although the shopping cart wasn't a robot, so it still seems unlikely.

According to police forensics and the shopper whose cart attempted murder, the bullet somehow came to be on the floor of the grocery section. When the shopper pushed his cart and found resistance, he pushed harder. That's when the bullet fired.

Apparently .22 rimfire bullets aren't named that because they're clearly over the drinking age. They're named that because the gunpowder is all around the rim of the shell, and not just in the center like normal bullets. Who knew?

I found this picture from some gun blog that explains it with pretty pictures that help me understand what that means better, since I don't really care to know gun things in my daily life.


Thanks, gun blog.

So, the cart fired the bullet. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but a few were probably scared a bit by the sound of a gunshot during their grocery shopping. Police don't know why or how the bullet came to be on the floor in the grocery section. Maybe the shopping carts and robots are preparing a unified uprising.


Or maybe it's Wal-Mart and it's just surprising that they haven't had bullets fired by shopping carts before.

Guns don't kill people. Shopping carts roleplaying as guns can (but wuss out).

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