What is the Powder Room?

With all the controversy over Disney's recent choices with Merida, here's some good news!


15 year old Angela is something of a cosplay wunderkind as far as I am concerned. A denizen of New York (ahem, anyone thinking design scholarship?), she runs both a wordpress *and* a tumblr where she features her specific cosplay outfits and also offers ridiculously detailed tutorials about how she designs them, sews them, and ultimately wears them to conventions like Otakon (an old haunt of mine) and AnimeNorth.

Angela's works are simply breathtaking, especially her Merida. Her tutorials can be found here, and various photographs of this and other designs are all over her previously mentioned web spaces. Of Merida costumes in general she says:

One of my major Merida cosplay pet peeves is people using broadcloth or very lightweight, swishy fabrics for Merida’s dress. Or even worse, materials with a sheen and glitter! We are supposed to be in 10th century Scotland, and a horse-riding-archery-master-tom-boy-all-around-awesome-strong-female-character, we would not put up with that shit.


Angela, you kick ass. Merida would be very proud, indeed.

[From doxiequeen1 via Batlesbo, author of webcomic Go Get A Roomie!]

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