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A few weeks in an edition of Le Placard de LaComtesse, NillaWaffler asked "Can you give an example of a contemporary outfit that would convey 'Damn it feels good to be a Lannister' non-verbally?" This question was brilliant in its simple elegance and endless potential for fun, and I had a blast with my answer. A couple other commenters requested a follow up series, so here it goes...

How to dress like a Stark


The Stark colors are grey and white, so you'd start with a simple grey dress (they are not a house prone to frippery)...

...and a white coat (sorry for the fur, PETA, but this is the North, after all, and The North Remembers... ... to bring a warm coat)


A simple, low ankle boot will do for your feet...


...but just because your last name is Stark, that doesn't mean your accessories have to be! This necklace brings one's mind to the Stark sigil of a stylized direwolf...


...and finish with a simple pair of garnet earrings to remind you of the red leaves of the

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