Welcome to Game of Threads, where I, your resident fangirl/fashion geek put together contemporary outfits that reflect the characters, houses, and peoples of Game of Thrones. Past editions can be found here.

I am rarely a fan of "fan favorites," but a big, strong notable exception is Brienne of Tarth, who should only ever be referred to as "Brienne of motherfucking TARTH" in a cheering fratboy voice. Brienne is a badass, and she doesn't even particularly care about whether or not you think she's a badass, which makes her even more of a badass. All hail the Maid of Tarth.

Though not an actual knight, Brienne has proven herself a meritorious warrior. She won a place on Renly Baratheon's (short-lived) Rainbow Guard, was evenly matched against Jaime "The Kingslayer" Lannister (back when he had his sword hand), and held her own with nothing but a wooden sword against a damn bear. A bear for fuck's sake!

Despite her talent and accomplishments, Brienne can't catch a break. As her true self—a knight in all but name—she has a skill set that is not valued in a woman in Westeros. When she plays the role of the lady, people mock her because she does not look the part. (She is described in the books as over 6', extremely muscular, flat-chested, and unattractive with crooked teeth and broad nose that's been broken several times.) This injustice makes sense: it's George R.R. Martin's world and we're just living in it... hoping we don't get beheaded, or flayed, or flayed then beheaded, or set on fire, or poisoned, or whatever.


If we're being honest, an accurate, contemporary outfit for Brienne would be, like, a turtleneck adorned with a cat pin, tucked into a pair of sweatpants, and finished off with a pair of dark tan grandma sneakers. And that's probably the outfit she'd pick to go on a date. But here at Game of Threads we try to step it up.

Brienne's outfit would be simple and unpretentious. Let's start with an oversized light blue shirt, which pays homage to her house colors (red and blue) and would complement her unusually beautiful eyes.


Pair that with dark gray leggings

I want to pull those two bits together with a gold mail belt, first as a reference to the fact that she's a knight (not that this belt would protect against much, but still) and gold as a reference to her secret bestie and roadtrip bud Jaime and his golden hand.


A pair of over-the-knee riding boots (and there's no way she would ever wear heels: that's just not who Brienne is...)


I feel like she could rock this awesome pair of glasses (red for her house colors), because she seems to be having a really hard time finding the Stark girls, so glasses might help.

A pair of sapphire studs (Tarth is known as the "Sapphire Isle" on account of its beautiful blue lakes)


A necklace with the name of her first love, Renly (any straight girl who had an unrequited crush at theater camp will understand...)


Last but not least, a Game of Threads first: I'm including a tattoo as a fashion accessory, because Brienne would 100% have a big ol' sword inked on her.

Enjoy your very own Brienne of Motherfucking Tarth ensemble!