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Game of Threads: How to Dress Like a White Walker

This past week on Game of Thrones things started heating up north of the Wall… … or… … cooling down… or… … something. Anyway, there were a bunch of White Walkers!

South of the Wall, White Walkers (or Others) are seen as fairy tale figures. According to legend, they were defeated by the Night's Watch more than 8,000 years ago in the Battle for the Dawn, which ended a decades long period of darkness known as the Long Night. I'll let Old Nan, Winterfell's oldest resident (played by the fabulous Margaret John), talk about the Long Night, since she does it far better than I ever could:

The Others are sort of like Westeros' global warming—it's a massive threat that has absolutely catastrophic effects that will destroy us all, but since people largely don't see that threat day in and day out they ignore it (or just flat out don't believe it). Ooh! Or the Others are like Jaws: they are going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and BITES THEM ON THE ASS!


Anyway, you can't entirely blame people for not buying into the importance of banding together to defeat these frosty foes—the White Walkers are far away from everyone but the Black Brothers and the Wildlings (the Wall has kept them at bay), and in a world where magic is sort of acknowledged as being real, but is mostly dismissed as "something that existed in the past, but we don't really need it anymore", who is going to be concerned with snow zombies* when there's a civil war going on?

Based on the show, you'd think that the Others are sort of gross, but according to Martin and the books they are actually strikingly beautiful. In fact, one commander of the Night's Watch is said to have taken to wife a beautiful woman "with skin as white as the moon and eyes like blue stars" whose "skin was cold as ice." She is widely believed to have been a White Walker, and this commander sort of went, like, really super-crazy and had to be taken out by the King of the North and the King-Beyond-the-Wall after a 13-year reign of terror. Anyway, we all know that beautiful people are uber-fun to dress, so let's hop to it!

Step one, get a grey lace dress: it looks sort of like ice and snow and cold and I just love grey lace dresses…


Next, as an homage to the frigidly pale skin of the Others, get a moonstone bib necklace. (Side-note: moonstone is so gorgeous. Why is it that so often it's used to make the hokiest, fake high priestess jewelry known to man? Google image search that shit and tell me I'm wrong!)


Everyone loves cocktail rings. If you don't, the Others take your eyes! Seriously though, a blue topaz cocktail ring is a nice reference to the vivid blue eyes of the White Walkers.


Simple cubic zirconia studs add just a touch more iciness to the look. (And why pay so much more for diamonds when CZs are practically the same thing?)


And finish it off with a pair of black patent leather heels; the shiny blackness looks like obsidian, aka Dragon Glass, which is among the Others only known weakness!


So there you have it! When "the Southlings" see you coming they won't know whether to run in fear or to go shopping with your fabulous self!

*A note: White Walkers/Others should not be confused with Wights aka snow zombies. If you're killed by an Other, you reanimate as a snow zombie to do their bidding. That's why all corpses north of the Wall are burned. The Others are their own thing, with their own culture and language and technology.

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