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Game of Threads: How to Dress Like a Tyrell

First of all, thanks to everyone last week who read and enjoyed Game of Threads! In the comments, the most common request by far was for House Tyrell, so here it goes!

Growing Strong: How to Dress Like a Tyrell

The first thing that came to mind when piecing together an outfit for House Tyrell was flouncy skirts, floral patterns, and chic, frilled collars. But when I considered the finished product, it really didn’t scream “Tyrell” to me. It was more “Stepford Garden Party.” Then I realized I was making the same mistake that so many people in Westeros make—I was underestimating the Tyrells.

It’s easy to look at these stewards of the South, sitting prettily in their perfectly maintained grounds at Highgarden (if we do not see Highgarden at some point I will diiiiiiiiiiiiiiie), and think of them as little more than sort-of-clever Miss Congenialities. But no. The Tyrells are an extremely cunning, tight-knit clan who use their natural amiability, good looks, and wealth (which they flash strategically) to maneuver to positions of power. They are masters of image control and PR. I don’t think another family could have switched sides during a war so gracefully as they did.

So as I thought more carefully about what they would wear, it struck me that a modern Tyrell lady would be the type who seem to dress effortlessly and casually, but who carefully craft together casual looking outfits that cost thousands of dollars.

Let’s start with a pair of dark green jeans as an homage to the house color...


Jeans, you ask? Yup. As tempting as it would be to put a Tyrell lady in a skirt, I think a great, well-chosen pair of jeans would make them appear humble and common… which is a good thing to do if you want to win the hearts of the smallfolk in order to claim the Iron Throne.

Couple that with a ridiculously overpriced, flowy shirt from Theory


House Tyrell's sigil is a golden rose, but as Lady Olenna so succinctly put "Roses are boring, dear." So reference the verdant greenery of your house abstractly with a petal-inspired statement necklace from Herve Van der Straeten...


OR you could defy granny and show your sigil some love with a pair of golden rose earrings


Add a splash of bright color (like the unique flower you are) with a bag from Loewe's of Madrid


And finish with a simple Salvatore Ferragamo sandal


Et voila! You'll be queen in no time!

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