What is the Powder Room?
What is the Powder Room?
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Fuck me. It's started again. Already.

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"I think we have some folks who believe that our job is to be college professors. Now college professors are fine I guess. Being a college professor, they basically spout out ideas that nobody does anything about," Christie told a closed-door meeting of the Republican National Committee, according to GOP officials in the room. "For our ideas to matter we have to win. And if we don't govern all we do is shout to the wind, and so I am going to do anything I need to do to win."




It's August.


And, on the off-chance one of your already "undecided" friends says s/he likes the cut of Christie's jib, never forget that despite his willingness to take government aid for his state, he's still an anti-intellectual, union-busting bigot.


Which is to say, a Republican.

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