What is the Powder Room?

You know what makes FRIDAY awesome besides booze? More booze! I mean...creative writing! Yeahhhhh, that's it.

This is a new feature, so obviously there are rules to follow because I'm a massively power-mad and greedy dictator who loves to lord it over everyone (I mean, DUH). It's all fairly simple and along the same lines of EGR's Pissing Contest on Jez.

I will provide a title, photograph, and set up (from a few words to a short paragraph) that must feature in your entry. I'll choose a winner based on stars, or particularly stand out creativity, and announce it/share the story ahead of the next setup. All posts will be tagged with "FWF", so you can find them



FWF #1:

TITLE: The Incredible Adventures of Feline Frenzy & Kitten Kaboom

"Soon," breathed Ladybird, her bright turquoise wing stroking the device sitting at the bottom of her cage. "Soon the entire neighborhood will be under the influence of my Obey-O-Ray. I'll never have to perform for crackers again!"

Across town, Feline Frenzy woke up with a start. "Evil is afoot," he hissed at his sidekick.


"I thought evil was an adjective, not a foot, Boss," yawned Kitten Kaboom...

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