What is the Powder Room?

It's fall, so in addition to trying to sell you something burgundy (red for sissies) or burnt orange (orange for people who really want to dress like vomit) the fashion industry—that's defined loosely as ModCloth—is trying to get you to dress like a hunter.

I mean, maybe. I know zilch about the history of fashion and even less about the motives of working fashion designers (other than I assume they'd like to make a profit). But I do know a tiny little bit about foxhunting and deer hunting and bird hunting, and fall fashion is full of references to them all.

There are foxes on shirts (it's foxhunting season).


References to old-school hunting attire, from when wearing red was good enough and hunters weren't expected to wear bright orange.

Frock coats are another foxhunting thing...


. . . with a little military flavor as well.


There's houndstooth, which isn't a hunting pattern originally but was worn by people who were using animals for their own gain (shepherds).


Do you remember the Downton Abbey episode where Lady Mary schools her odious fiance when he wears tweed that's far too heavy when they all go out pheasant hunting? Here's some tweed, shamefully not available in a plus size.


Anyway—I don't know that I really have a point with all of this, other than I like it when fashion suggests that clothing for women isn't only about catering to a gaze, male or otherwise. We can be out the in the world, killing it.

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