What is the Powder Room?
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Autostraddle has an amazing article on (mostly queer) women of color, including Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Gloria Anzaldua, and Janet Mock. I'm especially loving the introduction to Alma Lopez (above):

Alma López uses her art to reclaim images that are often associated with oppression of Latin@s and show how they can be symbols of feminism, queerness and indigenous pride. [...] Her 2001 digital collage Our Lady created a huge controversy when it was first displayed in New Mexico and religious groups protested it's "blasphemous and impure depiction of 'Our Lady'." This protest, and the threats of violence that came with it, followed Alma López whenever the image was displayed for the next 10 years across multiple states and countries. But she refused to back down, standing by the importance of showing this iconic symbol that many see as an emblem of colonial religion in a way that makes a symbol of Chicana and female strength. In this way, Latinas who might feel alienated from parts of their culture due to their queerness or feminist ideals are able to find new common ground with their culture. Through her art, she makes me proud to be Latina, a woman and queer.


Go. Read it.

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