What is the Powder Room?
What is the Powder Room?
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Do Long Commutes Discourage Married Women From Working?

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The study finds that "a 1-minute commute decreased the probability of working by half a percent." In related news, women still carry a larger burden of childcare than men. Surprise!


Yet another article that shows how much policy affects behavior, this time in The Atlantic. The article discusses how women,"married women, particularly married women with young children, are very sensitive to commuting times when making labor force participation decisions."

Again, like I said with the homebuying article, policy matters. While this is largely a cultural issue in that women feel more obligated to give up work than men, better planning that would allow for shorter, less onerous commutes could have a positive effect on keeping women in the labor force. Or maybe even better day care— then again, with a recent NPR article finding that day care in the US is generally terrible...

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