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Dear Everyone: STFU About Ronda Rousey being "Too Good"

So, if you pay any attention to any sports news, you probably have heard that Ronda Rousey dominated Cat Zingano in her recent fight. It wasn't even close.


Cue the stream of, "is Rousey too strong? Should Rousey try fighting men? Is Rousey hurting her weight division by making it impossible for others?" To which I say: What. The. Fuck. Haven't we been through this already? All this means is the following:

1. We need women who train in that weight class to fight someone as good as Rousey (not impossible, just rarer in this day.

2. Rousey will age and either retire or start losing her edge, leading to a new generation.

3. Rousey will adopt a robot body and herald in the subjugation of all meat-people for eternity.


4. Rousey will get injured, and never be the same.

I think 1 or 2 are the most likely. 3 might happen, but I'm not betting on it this decade. 4 is almost a guarantee in your 30s.


Honestly, whenever you hear "so-and-so is just too good!" the response (IMO) is always the same: shut up, no, nobody is ever "too good." Would it be nice if Rousey maybe had some more competition? Sure. But this is amazing for women's MMA and martial arts. Not only will this show women how fucking amazing they can be as martial artists, it's proven again that plenty of "traditional" martial arts training remains perfectly suitable for the codified MMA tournaments. It's win-win, in my mind.

I might be remembering incorrectly, but I don't remember people saying that Mike Tyson should lead to the end of men's boxing because he was "too good." Nobody wanted to end MMA tournaments because Royce Gracie was a pioneer. Is Rousey amazing? Yes. Will she remain the top of her sport forever? Not likely. There's someone, somewhere, who's hungrier, younger, meaner, and ready to take Rousey down. And Rousey knows it. But that day will come, just like it did for all the other greats. That's what we're excited for now. The commentators need to SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.


So a big "osu!" to you, Rousey-sempai, and I'm excited to see where your career takes you. Worst case, it'll be exciting to watch you train the next generation of Rousey Judo fighters, and helping lead young women to be great fighters moving forward.

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