What is the Powder Room?
What is the Powder Room?
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Classic Movie Rewatch: The Women

Welcome to the first Powder Room Classic Movie Rewatch! Tonight we'll be watching the original 1939 version of The Women.* Nothing says Memorial Day like sharp women, witty one liners, snark, banter, and fashion. We started at 8:30 - grab a seat!

I saw this movie for the first time when I was 12 years old and loved it so much that it made me rethink my love of movies like Little Giants. Sure, that had Devon Sawa, but the non stop comedy and glamour in this film opened my eyes and sent me on a Turner Classic Movies bender. I've seen it maybe a dozen times and every viewing I pick up something new. I did a little bit of research ahead of hosting it this time around and learned all kinds of fun facts.


Here's one to get us started: everyone in this movie is female, from the actresses down to the horses and dogs. Not a single man appears on screen.

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