Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the first in what I hope will be a long and fruitful installment—"The Burt Reynolds Fact of the Day" :

Did you know that in the late 1970's, Mr. Burt Reyonlds, already a star of stage and screen, opened "Burt's Place." It was a club in the Omni International Hotel, in the heart of downtown Atlanta. It was billed as a "Burt Reynolds-themed nightclub."


Yes. That's Burt on the dance floor there.

Through his widely epic film catalouge that included masterpieces such as Gator, Deliverance, and Sharkey's Machine—all shot in the Peach State—Reynolds had made Georgia the #3 location for film production in the U.S. during that era. He is considered a beloved icon there, by absolutely everyone who has ever set foot in the state or has heard of the state. And also by just everyone else in general.

Slogans for Burt's Place included "Get in the swing of things at Burt's Place..." (I see what you did there, 1970s club promotions people)


Sadly, the of "Burt's Place" only lasted one year, and it closed. How the world was able to go on spinning after the loss of what can only be described as obviously the greatest place ever on the face of the Earth, we'll never know.


And that was your Burt Reynolds Fact of the Day!