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AMA: Highly Sensitive Person/Person with Bipolar

Hello all! I'm here to answer any questions you might have on my experience as a Highly Sensitive Person and a Person with Bipolar 2.

Just a reminder, I'll be online from 3-5 and sporadically online until midnight. (because you will all probably be obsessed with Amy Schumer :P) Afterwards I think I'll leave the post up for a week, just in case anyone needs to grab resources from this.


Here's some basic info on BP2and HSP. I was diagnosed with BP2 at age 22, but I'm pretty sure I've been dealing with it since I hit puberty and was previously diagnosed with unipolar depression and anxiety. HSP is something you're born with. I also had/have mild PTSD so you can ask me questions about that as well.

If you want to share or quote anything, please ask first!

As a disclaimer, I'm NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. I can not diagnose anyone, but I can help you find resources. I've done quite a bit of research on mental illness in WoC as well as a bit on bisexuals, so if you want I can touch on that too.

P.S. Can anyone share this to The Couch for me? I think I've been made an author there, but for some reason I can't write posts.

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