What is the Powder Room?

In a recent interview with right wing website, The Daily Caller, Adam Carolla was quoted as saying that rich people are "better than poor people. They just are." After spending years alongside the incisive wit of Dr. Drew, we'd expect no less from Mr. Carolla. He added to his complex analysis of the causes of poverty by saying, "I've hung around with plenty of poor people and I've hung out with rich people. They work harder, generally. More focused. The folks I grew up with, the poor people I grew up with, fairly lethargic, did a lot of complaining, smoked a little too much, drank a little too much, blamed everybody but themselves a little too much." That, my friends, is what we call some top notch sociological and economic research.

I guess that's that is all we need to know. If you guys didn't sit on your asses so much and smoke, you wouldn't be so poor. Fuck, I don't know why he doesn't tell Obama, who could solve the unemployment problem by just telling those assholes to get to work. With such a brilliant analysis that is the bro equivalent to the Bell Curve by Charles Murphy, I suppose you'd want to know how he'd propose to resolve the issue? Well, it isn't charity—that's bullshit. "I do the ultimate charity," he argued. "I pay a shitload in taxes."


Yeah man, paying for those bridges and funding the military is fucking charity. Oh wait, you are just talking about welfare. Stupid me. And not just any kind of welfare—he's not referencing the millions in tax subsidies given to corporations. Exxon needs their money, people. Those oil tankers don't pay for themselves. But rather, "I'm not into all those freebie lunch programs. It just kind of demeans people" according to a 2010 interview with AOL. Because you know, people hate it when their kids get school lunches. Let 'em starve and walk up hill both ways in 10 feet of snow to school, like I did.

Now, I'm sure like many republican actors, Carolla feels oppressed by leftist Hollywood types. Maybe this why Drawn Together never got a fourth season? Was the leftist gay mafia keeping him down?

Carolla's statements are probably not surprising to many. But it does show how brazen contempt for poor people is well received by the right. Perhaps that is preferable to the soft focused bullshit of compassionate conservatism or Rick Santorum pretending he cares about helping others because he has a hard-on for the Pope. At least Carolla is honest about being an asshole. But I am disappointed because I loved Crank Yankers. Seeing those little fucking puppets prank on jerks filled my heart with glee and now it's ruined forever. Ruined. Forever. Thanks, Jerk. Now I'll have to find a more palatable venue for puppet based mayhem.


Picture from Fox News

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