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43 Dead in Attack on Bus in Karachi

43 people are dead and as many as 24 were seriously injured in a morning attack on a bus in the Pakistani city of Karachi. Most of the victims were members of the Ismaili community, a sub-sect of Shia Islam. Witnesses report that men on motorcycles surrounded the bus before boarding and shooting the passengers inside.

Jundullah, a branch of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed responsibility for the attack. Spokesman Ahmed Marwat told Reuters, “These killed people were Ismaili and we consider them kafir (non-Muslim). We had four attackers. In the coming days we will attack Ismailis, Shi’ites and Christians.”


The bus attack is the latest in the ongoing violence in Karachi, which in the past month has included target attacks on an American woman, deaths of several in the journalism community, and the high profile murder of activist and T2F founder Sabeen Mahmud.

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